Shuffle released on Android Market

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally managed to get Shuffle out the door and into users hands. I started work in 2007 as an entry in the Android Developer Challenge mostly for the draw of the prize pool, but also as a chance to learn what looked like a great mobile OS. After not winning I didn’t touch the code for several months. I did feel validated in my design decisions however when a month after posting the original screenshots OmniGroup published it’s first glimpse of OmniFocus on iPhone. Since they both follow the GTD mantra fairly closely, this isn’t too surprising.

I started working on Shuffle again in earnest a couple of months ago when I secured an Android Dev phone. Using the app on a real device was a huge leap forward. I made a ton of changes based on my experience using it every day.

I plan on stepping back a little now, but I don’t plan on abandoning the project entirely. One current idea is to setup a Shuffle GWT website running on the promising Java Google App Engine. I plan on kicking the App Engine tires soon, so should have a better idea then.


20 thoughts on “Shuffle released on Android Market

  1. Thank you Andy Bryant for (in my opinion) the most useful App on the G1 Market (Shuffle).

    Now I just have to start the process with my 2 days dump/brainstorm and then build the habit of using the G1 as an inbox source.

    I just got back from browsing through the Shuffle App and the thought came to mind that this App NEEDS a website counterpart and got excited when I read that you’ve been thinking of doing just that. As a web designer myself, I’m here to help.

    Thanks again for the best App ever!

    Peace and Love,

  2. Thanks Andy for an absolutely brilliant app. Its a shame that you want to step back from the development Shuffle!

    Id love to help and get involved with development, ill drop you an email after i have investigated the source.

    Thanks again,

  3. Thank you for this application 🙂

    Can you please make possibility to add GPS-location to context? And location based reminders?
    Also it can be usefull to use photos and voice notes in inbox.

  4. Thanks for a great App!

    I would love a web or desktop counterpart since most of my work is done at my laptop – typing and working from a small screen is something I try to avoid unless it’s the only option (e.g. I’m out and about).

    Google integration would be ultra cool.

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  6. Hi Andy – I love Shuffle; I’ve compared it to ActionComplete,, and OpenLoopz – and feel Shuffle is the closest GTD implementation that is the easiest (quick to enter and modify entries) to use currently free on Android.
    I was wondering if you’d be open to open-sourcing this (as in, for open-development) and/or get a larger team working on it? There are some features/suggestions I added in your Issues list on Google Code. I’m an embedded software engineer (with “web development for fun”) and have been wanting to move into mobile app development – preferably cross-platform (PhoneGap or Appcelerator) or Android-only. Would LOVE to help, but obviously I’m no expert. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    • Hey taka,
      My name is Michael Duane Mooring and it is nice to meet you. I am not a developer for the Shuffle app, but here is a link to the Android Shuffle App project where the developer, andybryant, has made access open to the SVN which is a version control system, but more plainly, a open source repository. I am not sure if all the code there in the trunk is up to date and if it is even all there at all because I have not personally compiled it, but there is code there.

      I too expressed interest in contributing to the project but never heard back from andybryant.

      Hope this helps!

      Peace & Love,

  7. Hi Andy,

    A widget for the home screen to quickly add Inbox items would really be a cherry for this app 😉

    Thanks for the great software!


    • Hi Mark,

      A widget is on the cards at some point. However if you want to quickly add actions, try using the Shuffle shortcuts. There’s ones for all the main views plus one for adding a new action to the inbox.


  8. Hi Andy just additional words of support, for a great App. I really hope a sync with pc option is created as then i could throw out all of my other organising tools

  9. Really, really think you should be proud of it. Why not collaborate with a party to extend it and charge for it? Consultants may be a venue for distribution of a more fully integrated version.

    Plaudits for a really useful application!

  10. Hello,
    I am a regular-old end user who loves the Shuffle app on my Droid. I’m syncing with, but I find their interface clunky, especially in comparison to using Shuffle. I’d love to have a website to sync with that looks JUST LIKE the Shuffle interface on my phone.
    Thanks for making a great app!

  11. Hi!

    I had a look at the sources of Shuffle this weekend because I wanted to add more search options (for projects & contexts) and a way to add items to the inbox via QSB (quick search bar).
    I cloned the SVN repository over to github
    and started with some refactorings.
    Ahead of all I split up ShuffleProvider into several smaller Providers (TaskProvider, ProjectProvider, ContextProvider, ReminderProvider) which I think was needed to allow creating custom search plugins.
    I will make some more additions to the code and was wondering if you would like to integrate those changes back into the main SVN repository?


  12. Excellent app! Would be ideal if it could integrate with one of the calendar apps (like Jorte) so that I can see my next actions with my calendar at once, and prevent double entry/cross entry.

    Thank you so much!

  13. Dude, Shuffle ROCKS! I am about to change my android for an iPhone and I can’t imagine how I’ll manage without Shuffle 😦

    Very great work, and thank you!

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