Shuffle released on Android Market

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally managed to get Shuffle out the door and into users hands. I started work in 2007 as an entry in the Android Developer Challenge mostly for the draw of the prize pool, but also as a chance to learn what looked like a great mobile OS. After not winning I didn’t touch the code for several months. I did feel validated in my design decisions however when a month after posting the original screenshots OmniGroup published it’s first glimpse of OmniFocus on iPhone. Since they both follow the GTD mantra fairly closely, this isn’t too surprising.

I started working on Shuffle again in earnest a couple of months ago when I secured an Android Dev phone. Using the app on a real device was a huge leap forward. I made a ton of changes based on my experience using it every day.

I plan on stepping back a little now, but I don’t plan on abandoning the project entirely. One current idea is to setup a Shuffle GWT website running on the promising Java Google App Engine. I plan on kicking the App Engine tires soon, so should have a better idea then.